Empowering women
Step up for Rights of Females


Throughout the world, women have to deal with day-to-day discrimination. Surely, the forms of it are different, but all of them negatively affect women´s life quality. Women experienced sexual and physical violence worldwide. Nevertheless, violence in not the only form of discrimination that women have to deal with nowadays.  Severe restrictions in education and economic rights and practices also limit women´s autonomy and ability to develop themselves, especially in developing countries. Even in the better cases, women are affected by the so-called glass ceiling (less senior management posts).

The project SURF which stands for Step Up for Rights of Females was created to find options and ideas how to increase women’s rights in different parts of the world. Project aims to reach gender equality and non-discrimination. These are two basic rights, that are enshrined in European policies of education and youth. By creating this project youth workers will learn to identify the main threats and obstacles for gender equality within the participating countries and gain skills and tools for the protection and development of women’s rights.

The project results will also help to achieve the “Education and Training 2020” work programme objectives of enhancing entrepreneurship, long-time learning, mobility, innovation and creativity. The synergy between the afore mentioned fields comes over here as (young) women will be empowered through education. This in turn helps to achieve gender equality.


  • Identify the main threats and obstacles for gender equality within the participating countries.
  • Develop skills and tools for the protection and development of women´s rights.
  • Transfer these skills/tools to relevant groups (e.g. youth workers).
  • Strengthen partnership between European and non-European organizations.
  • Improve the capacity of the partners to protect and develop women´s rights.

Situation of women

Women are experiencing different living conditions in different countries and continents. In this section we invite you to uncover the following: Education, Women in Labour Force, Gender Wage Gap, Work & Life Balance and Violence. Also, specific problems for each country are presented.


Gender inequality is still a prevalent problem in the world and gender-based violence is still an urgent issue in most countries, demonstrating the need for taking more actions. With this in mind, Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project “Step Up for the Rights of Female” (SURF) project gathered youth organisations from four partner countries, Lithuania, Honduras, India and Senegal, with an aim to empower women and defend their rights.

The countries were chosen because of their relevance to the topic. While Lithuania still has gender equality issues (e.g. wage gap), the other participant countries are strongly male dominated. Women there face a lot of discrimination and violence and are less educated. To quote Malala Yousafzai “I raise up my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” Along this line, the objectives are to equip youth workers from the participant countries with the skills and key competencies needed to ensure and promote women rights.
This background research was made with the aim to learn more about the situation of women in the participants countries and the possible ways how youth work can help them.

– Discover women’s rights legal status enshrined in international documents and laws of Lithuania, Senegal, Honduras and India
– Analyse the current women situation and related issues in each of the countries in 7 areas;
– Identify the ways how women’s rights can be promoted through youth work;
– Discover the learning needs of youth workers with regard to promotion of women’s rights.

Activities of the project

The main goal of the project is to empower women by boosting gender equality across communities in the participating regions. This is aimed to be done through a stronger role of local youth workers and youth leaders; as they can be viable community ambassadors able to communicate the project’s message to their peers.

Our specific objectives include the training programme on “women protection & development”, targeting youth workers & young leaders from EU & Partner countries. In order to create that the following activities are to be implemented:

Learn more about each of the activity here:

How everything started: kick-off meeting in Lithuania

The Kick-off meeting was held on 1-6 December, 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the meeting the partners of the project reviewed the application, discussed about the implementation of activities, shared responsibilities between each other, made a plan for external and internal communication, talked about the graphic identity of the project and about the dissemination of the results as well as discovered Lithuanian culture.

Partners of the project

VšĮ „Integracijos centras“ (Lithuania)

VsI Integracijos Centras (IC) is a non-profit non-governmental organization aiming at the social integration of minorities in Lithuania. The organization believes that the key to welfare, stability, democracy and tolerance is the successful integration of all the social and ethnic groups into society. Mainly the goals of the NGO are to help minorities in Lithuania and other European Union countries to: (1) integrate into the society and get accustomed to the local traditions; (2) learn the local language (for migrants); (3) get education that they are willing to pursue; (4) organise housing for migrant families; (5) create employment opportunities for the underprivileged; (7) help the youth to build new cooperations and increase their entrepreneurship skills as well as motivation for volunteering; (9) enhance the minorities’ self-esteem; digital & multilingualism skills, social awareness, tolerance and other important values.

Visit our website: https://refugees.lt/

Youth for Honduras

Is a NGO that aims to develop and empower young men and women from children’s homes and other organizations working with youth at risk to take responsibility for their own lives and enable them to act as a positive change in the Honduran society through an established network of churches, organizations, local business, and individuals. The transition program consists of several smaller houses where the youth lives the first year.

After the first year in the transition house the youth move to their own apartment and thereby taking next step in independency. Our transition program offer three types of scholarships:

  • 4 years of scholarship if studying at university
  • 2 years of scholarship if studying at a vocational school
  • 1 year of scholarship if just working

Through the entire time that the youth are in the program they will receive our support through capacity building workshops, soft skills, tutoring and guidance from our professional staff.

Children’s homes program

The “Formación para la Vida” program is designed for children’s homes, transition houses, and other organizations working with youth at risk in the aspects of capacity building, teaching youth about emotions, self-esteem, friendships, identity, how to write a cv, how to confront a job interview etc.

Mentorship program

The mentorship program is carried out in cooperation with the Honduran and Danish Baptist Church program, Programa Timoteos, with material developed by Street Kids Direct (mentorship program from Guatemala). We want each of our youth to be involved in the mentorship program by each being matched up with a mentor.

The long-term goal is to be able to offer mentors for youth coming out of children’s homes all over Honduras, but to begin with the focus will be on area of the capital.

Visit our website: http://transitionhonduras.org/

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust (India)

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust is a registered NGO working with children, women, and youth at the grassroots and urban slums. NCT conducts leadership animations as part of capacity building programmes for youth / females / other disadvantaged groups and minorities (together: target groups). They remain the primary focus of NCT’s programmes. Through different animation and workshops, NCT aims at social responsibility, leadership skills, communication, entrepreneurial, self-esteem, tackles children and women abuse and organizes inter-target groups conferences and discussions on social topics that affect them in different communities with a focus on civic responsibility to enhance the participation of target groups in their own communities.

NewBeginnings is professionally experienced in promoting innovative entrepreneurial skills among target groups that will make them employable and more desirable in the job markets. We have introduced online skills training for unemployed and unskilled on different topics, such as customer care service, beautician course and adobe Photoshop. The skills training online classes and materials are available in local vernacular languages making learning easy.

NCT has established NCT Network of NGOs for better coordination and sharing best practices among the partner NGOs. There are 11 NGOs spread across all the five Southern States in India.

NCT also promotes international volunteers service. As part of it, the organisation hosts and coordinates international volunteers within our programmes and coordinate the placements with our partner NGOs. We have been hosting Weltwaerts volunteers, Germany initiated and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation, from Germany since 2010.

Visit our website: http://www.nctindia.org/

“GNO Far” (Senegal)

“GNO FAR” is a not-for-profit association created in 2012 by a group of young leaders in the area of Casamance (Senegal). Association is working in the field of youth, childhood, minorities integration, tolerance building, development and poverty elimination. It aims at contributing to the development of Casamance through actions for the benefit of children, youngsters and minorities and providing them with a role in the construction of their future considering the real chances of personal development.

The activities of the organization are mainly focused on trainings, workshops, discussions, seminars and events on: the wholebeing of children and environmental education; training and professional placement of youngsters; facilitating youth and women employment; social and economic inclusion of young mothers; tolerance, peace and citizenship education; organizing exchanges and study visits for underprivileged to perfect their knowledge; promotion of local and acceptance of other cultures; health and reproduction of young people, poverty elimination through providing financial consultations and entrepreneurship guidance for the target groups.

GNO FAR Contributed to the development of the Casamance region in South Senegal through actions in favour of the young people, children and minorities, who constitute the base of a sustainable development. The conviction of the association is that “if people benefit from favorable and adequate conditions for their social, school, sanitary, cultural, political, economic and professional development, it is very likely that they will become men and women responsible and capable of building a world of justice, equity, solidarity and peace”. Through its actions, the association aims at giving to the minorities, young people and to the children of the Casamance their real role in the construction of a better future. Potentially, they could be seen as peacemakers as Casamance is currently in crisis.

Visit our website: http://www.facebook.com/GnoFarJeunesseEnAction/no