Braiding Culture

‘Kullimaaroo’, which means rainbow in Mandinka, is a shelter and listening center opened by the Women’s Platform for Peace in Casamance (PFPC) aiming at supporting women and girls, victims of violence. It provides numerous female victims of violence with an opportunity to start a new life in a safe environment where they can benefit from an emergency housing for free, and a chance to get medical, psychological and juridical assistance.

In April 2018, 19 people from Lithuania, Senegal, India and Honduras gathered together in Ziguinchor for an Erasmus+ training course “Women empowerment and vulnerability”. During the stay, a project “Braiding culture” was launched. Braiding culture is an initiative, witch aims at promoting crafts and services of girls’ from Kullimaaroo center. Girls already have the capacity and skills needed for making good quality products, tourists are interested in discovering Senegalese culture by bringing back home some souvenirs that represent it. Thus, the initiative is the link between these two actors. All the revenues for the handicrafts and braiding services are used for the needs of local pregnant teenagers housed in the center.


Here you can find some testimonials from the girls living in the center:

“I have 15 years and I’m a victim of sexual violence: my maternal uncle was having sexual relations with me for two successive days since my mom and aunt had to leave for a while. Hence, I was alone at home, only with him and the children, which he used to abuse me. He threatened to kill me or stop taking charge of us, then my sister and I would starve to death, if I ever refused.”

I am from a village that is situated not far from Ziguinchor (Southern Senegal), where I also go to school. I’m 14 years and I live with my mother, step-dad and my little sister. I was sexually assaulted by my teacher of physical education. I’m slightly relieved, since he is now in prison.

I am 17 years old, I am a student and I live with my father and my sisters. I am a victim of early pregnancy. My boyfriend did not accept paternity and he had the support of his parents. Ever since I suffer alone even without the help of my father. Finally I decided to leave the house by day and only come back at night. I got really sick, somebody told my situation in the center of first reception and they came to get me. I spent there 3 months before coming to the center kullimaaroo.



Braid Yourself into African Culture

When in Ziguinchor, Senegal, you will be amazed by the kindness and warm hearts of the people, the colourful garments they wear and their amazing hair styles. Would you like to change your looks, braid yourself into the culture and fell the African rhythm? You can not only do that, but support young mothers of Kullimaaroo as well – call the center and make an appointment for your new African look. Please find the contact at the bottom of the website.