“For Her!” Badge is the recognition award for organisations that promote or carry out initiatives regarding women empowerment & gender equality.

List of nominated organisations:




Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Tegucigalpa

A non-profit organization with more than 128 years of experience, which associates voluntarily with commercial, industrial and service companies, to support, defend and promote the business development of Honduras. A group of capitalist entrepreneurs in the last century with a futuristic vision decided to create an organization with the objective of seeking to increase private investment in the country and in this way benefit Honduras, thus the Chamber of Commerce of Honduras is born, which today is known as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa.




Café la Patrona

The Employer is a tradition for women producing coffee that starts in the 70s in the coffee areas of the East Honduras at a height of 1,000 to 1480 meters above sea level. We bring this product from the Mountains of Paradise until your cup with an excellent flavor and aroma. The coffee farms are located in the department of El Paraíso municipality in the villages of Las flores, 3 piedras y el Recuerdo. Our coffee has unique characteristics of this area including: a full flavor, balanced, with acidity and a touch of exquisite citrus. Intense aroma and lingering flavor that will develop on your palate.

  • Facebook page: café La Patrona
  • Phone: +504 3392 0206
  • Email:  cafelapatrona@gmail.com

Youth for Honduras

Youth for Honduras is an NGO that aims to develop and empower young men and women from children’s homes and other organizations working with youth at risk to take responsibility for their own lives and enable them to act as a positive change in the Honduran society through an established network of churches, organizations, local business, and individuals. Transition program consists of several smaller houses where the youth lives the first year. After the first year in the transition house the youth move to their own apartment taking next step in independency; Children’s homes program – “Formación para la Vida” program working with youth at risk in the aspects of capacity building, emotions, self-esteem, identity etc.; Mentorship program is carried out in cooperation with the Honduran and Danish Baptist Church program, Programa Timoteos, with material developed by Street Kids Direct.

Proyecto Aldea Global

Proyecto Aldea Global (Project Global Village) is a Christian nonprofit organization located in Honduras, Central America. Proyecto Aldea Global es una organización sin fines de lucro, ubicada en Honduras Centroamérica. PAG has always had a focus on “Integral Missions”. This concept involves helping the lost, the needy and broken by meeting the needs of the WHOLE person…mind, body and soul. We believe that for a community to be healthy in all of these aspects there must be access to basic needs such as clean water, food and shelter as well as appropriate healthcare, education and counseling. PAG has created programs to help in the development of some of the poorest communities here in Honduras tackling issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, women’s rights, poor infrastructure, lack of access to both healthcare and education, among others.

The Leadership Center

A project of Leadership Mission International, TLC exists to educate, train, and develop the next generation of ethical Honduran leaders! The Leadership Center is a project of US-based NGO Leadership Mission International, and exists to provide full scholarships to young women from poor families who do not have the finances to study at another university. TLC offers a 3-year program that focuses on Leadership, Community Development, and Entrepreneurship. Our graduates return to their communities as business owners and ethical leaders in order to provide long-term, sustainable changes that will positively impact their communities for generations to come!

Serve Hope

Serve Hope is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Dallas, Texas (as Serve Hope International). Serve Hope has been operating in Honduras since 2015 and in Guatemala since 2019.

The mission of Serve Hope is to know the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the most needy, one family at a time.

Grupo de Mujeres Vida Nueva

Grupo de Mujeres Pinares de Oriente y Cooperativa Agroforestal China del Bosque

The main goal of the group is ti establish production systems that allow them to live well, contribute to the achievement of food security and increase the income of families.

  • Cooperativa Agroforestal China del Bosque Sra. Yessenia Rivera; Phone number: 9824-8737
  • Grupo de Mujeres Vida Nueva Silisgualagua, Guinope Sra. Leydi Yamari Fores; Phone number: 9566-7793/9864-9262

Kullimaaroo center

The center is a shelter for women and girls, victims of violence in Casamance. Kullimaaroo center was set up by Women’s Platform for Peace in Casamance with the support of UNWOMEN. Mainly, it aims to protect and help women and girls, victims of violence recover with its services package which includes medical care, juridical and psychosocial assistance. Personalized care and quality assistance is adapted to victims’ age and needs. A professional team trained in victims support and assistance techniques. A lawyer guides and advises victims in their procedures. Kullimaaroo is a shelter, which takes women out of the isolation created by domestic violence. Kullimaaroo helps you take wise decisions and start appropriate proceedings. it is a place where they give you the shelter, they listen to you and inform you.

  • Email: centrekullimaaroo@gmail.com
  • Phone number: +221339900024

Association Sportive Artistique Culturel De Oussouye

ASACO est club situe en basse Casamance plus précisément a   Ziguinchor   dans le département d Oussouye . Nous évoluons en  première division  féminine sénégalaise depuis la saison 2017 / 2018 CEST A DIRE DEUX SAISONS CONSECITIVE DANS LELITE et nous en serons à notre 3e année lors de la saison 2019/2020.  Notre projet est de former les joueuse des l’Age de 14 ans ensuite les faires monter dans l’équipe première pour y évoluer et démarrer  une carrière de foot tout en les excellents dans le milieu scolaire nous contribuons socialement en les aidant à subvenir a certain  besoins familiale etc… Par manque de moyen il est très difficile pour nous de rivaliser avec les autres clubs de le capital DAKAR qui regorge de moyens illimité ce qui leur rend presque imbattable puis qu’ils s’acquièrent du meilleur joueuse du pays.

Kabonketoor association regionale des femmes pour la recherche de la paix en Casamance

Missions : Promouvoir la paix et la justice sociale; Accompagner les populations rurales dans le processus de développement; La protection des ressources naturelles et économiques

ACTIVITES: Le Forum des Femmes au CDEPS organisé par KABONKETOOR; Etude sur les violences faites aux femmes et aux filles; Causeries sur les : les grossesses précoces en milieu scolaire ; la surcharge domestique des filles, l’excision; Identification, constitution d’un groupe de jeunes filles leaders; Formation des jeunes filles leader en plaidoyer, en communication, en gestion et résolution de conflit, en prise de parole en public; Identification et formalisation de GIE de femmes; Formation des membres des GIE en gestion administrative et financière, etc.

l’Initiative « Badiène Gox » mise en place par les pouvoirs publics sénégalais avec l’appui des partenaires UNFPA  est un  Relais communautaire pour la promotion de la Santé de la mère,  du nouveau né et de l’enfant. Protection de la mère, et  de l’enfant. Violences faites sur les filles.

  • Fatou Cisse
  • Téléphone:  +221774381011
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